Kemlo was able to read my messy first draft and figure out just the right questions to ask to point me in the right direction. Her clarity of thought never ceases to amaze me. Within a couple of months, she helped me match-up the story in my head with the story on the page. Every week she provides me with the exact feedback I need to dig deeper and stay true to the heart of my story. I can’t imagine ever writing another book without Kemlo by my side!

Abby Mathews

From the development stage to the end of a finished draft, Kemlo skillfully guided me on how to write a novel—a novel someone would want to read. She never let up in making me do the hard work of getting into the internal lives of my characters, to deepen the plot. When I doubted myself, she was the best cheerleader, reminding me to turn off the inner critic and write, write, write.

Chris Wenzel

Kemlo was there for me when I almost gave up on my book. She helped me with personalized feedback on the big picture of my project, on my common writing problems as an academic used to “telling” and not “showing,” was prompt in responding to my questions, kind with my challenges, and flexible with giving me an extra day or two to finish. She believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Irina Aristarkhova

A year ago, I had a first draft and was a few months into draft two. I needed help with learning to rewrite and edit, and that was where my amazing coach Kemlo Aki came in. Together we went through ten or twenty pages week by week, so I could learn what was good and needed to stay in, and what was unnecessary. […] After working with Kemlo, I’ve started to think of writer voice as deciding which rules you will follow, and which you will break. And when you decide to break a rule, knowing why you did so.

Lainey Cameron

Kemlo has the exact right personality for a book coach: she is supportive but also no-nonsense. She doesn’t give false praise so you can trust her comments to be true and substantive. She helped me think through my ideas many times, inching ever closer to clarity. She encouraged me to keep going when I felt like I had nothing clear or valuable to say.

Mariana Allesandri

I’ve been working with Kemlo throughout the revision of my first novel and her attention to detail is outstanding. I’m always astounded at the little things she finds that could take readers out of the story. She makes connections and sees potential patterns in plot and character that hadn’t occurred to me. Her questions and suggestions are always voiced with her unique brand of inquisitive kindness and her foremost interest is in helping my book be the best it can be—and she won’t just tell you what to fix, she tells you what’s working as well!

Melanie Parish

Kemlo was my writing coach for a year as I revised my non-fiction manuscript and turned it into a novel. She is a person with immense integrity who possessed the perfect dose of patience, skill and motivation to guide me through every step of my new draft. She was the steady voice in my head as I wrote 10 pages a week, always providing critical feedback with a positive attitude. I couldn’t wait to get her comments back so I could see what I was doing right and where I needed to improve.

Rosa Kwon Easton